What you need to know about Mobile Scaffolding Systems

The market is filled with so many types and sizes of scaffolding that it can get a bit overwhelming for anyone looking to make their first purchase.

Mobile scaffolding is becoming a fan favourite because, the wheeling aside, it is ideal for the lighter kind of duties. It also provides ease of assembly and dismantling – as opposed to some of the larger scaffolding units mostly employed in commercial projects.

These reasons are largely why more and more professionals are taking to them because they find the system efficient to work with as it allows for quick completion of tasks than would otherwise have been the case.

Before making the decision to purchase your first mobile scaffolding system, take it upon yourself to learn about the regulations and health and safety guidelines that pertain to scaffolding and working at height. Irrespective of whether you are a tradesman or working on your own, there are still guidelines and recommendations you need to internalise.

Below, we share some tips and quick facts you need to factor in before purchasing your first kit.


You will encounter all kinds of material that make up the system. The market is not short of cheap imports, and these you will especially want to avoid. There is no need to compromise on safety especially when talking equipment to do with heights or any other where your safety is at stake.

That said, consider systems with aluminium or galvanised steel frames as these guarantee long-lasting product safety and the best return on investment. These frames tend to be light, easy to move between jobs, and rarely fail or rust even during extreme weather conditions.

Budget versus Safety

Of course, safety beats budget any time. Look for certified manufacturers who deal in high quality systems. Consider where the scaffolding comes from and if it contains any weaknesses or defects.

Consider going for new scaffolding because these systems not only give you peace of mind, but also warranty and guarantee of workmanship. They may cost a pretty penny, true, but buying new and high quality guarantees years and years of service (the safety notwithstanding). Just like a brand new car does.

Rules and Regulations

Before you pour funds into any scaffolding system, it’s advisable to first consult the guidelines and regulations for working at height and scaffolding recommended by the health and safety authority in your state. This ensures that you purchase a compliant system, which can save you fines (and worse still, injury) down the line.

A mobile scaffolding system is a wise buy that can really make a difference to your construction project, be it a DIY aficionado who requires additional equipment to work at height, or a professional job. It’s great for windows, gutters and carpentry, as well as building work, especially if you make a safe choice.


Tip: If you don’t know much about scaffold systems and want to invest in one, consider a simple, Kwikstage mobile scaffold system.

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