Scaffold Towers: A Safer Way to Work at Heights

When working at height, one of the most important job rituals you can undertake is to assess the safest way of working prior to starting the job.

If the work entails working at heights for prolonged periods of time, then a ladder doesn’t hold a candle to a scaffold tower. The obvious plus of employing the latter is that it is safer, time saving, and can accommodate both people and materials.

Scaffold towers come in several different types: there are those for DIY projects, there are some for trade, and others for industrial use. It’s important to use the right tower depending on the need because each has different features that make it safe and reliable in each situation.

What’s the difference between a ladder and a scaffold tower?

Both are used to access work at height, but a scaffold tower is a self-supporting, highly rigid structure; in most cases designed to accommodate bigger tasks where height is the fundamental requirement.

Unlike a scaffold tower that can be used for the better part of the day, a ladder is designed for shorter durations of use. A tower also offers resistance against slips, plus it eliminates the need to stand on ladder rungs unnecessarily which, done over the long term, may result to foot issues such as tendon problems.

A tower also provides more room to move about freely, and this wriggle room eliminates the need to move around often. Coupled with the ability to accommodate the worker, their materials and tools, this has made it a darling of many, including decorators and painters.

What material is a scaffold tower constructed from?

Most scaffold towers are made from steel or aluminium. If quality and durability rank high on your priority list, then steel is just the one for you. Let’s not take anything away from aluminium though; it’s still a safe and sound choice and comes with the added advantage of being lightweight.

Speaking of weight…

Another choice that is growing in popularity is fibreglass. This one is very lightweight and a poor electricity conductor which makes it ideal for electrical work. It’s also the most expensive of the lot.

Regardless of quality, always make it a point of ascertaining the product you are purchasing is certified for safe use.

At Molecular Scaffold Sales, our products remain a popular choice for many tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts because they eliminate the element of surprise by guaranteeing total peace of mind. We take extra care and safety a tad too seriously and this explains our affinity for approved suppliers to supply our equipment.

If you are in the market for quality, safe and reliable scaffold tower(s), then you should give our range some serious consideration.

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