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Molecular Scaffold trailer packs come with three tonne suspension chassis, three tonne axels and electric brake system. Our trailers are built to a high standard, designed to last. We also include 12 months registration along with your choice of colour. Our packs lift out so they can be used for multiple purposes. Our trailer pack combinations can be tailored to suit your requirements or you can select one of our packages to suit a range of needs. When it comes to loading your trailer, they are designed with fork lifts in mind and to be loaded and unloaded as easily as possible.

compact scaffold trailer pack to go

Scaffold Trailer Packs to Save On Transport & Storage

The ultimate Scaffolding Solution is here! Not only is Molecular Scaffold Sales Frame System the most practical and time saving system on the market, it’s also available in their Super Scaffold Trailer Packs which again save more time and money when it comes to transport and storage. Imagine hooking up one of these to your vehicle, getting to site and having up to 25m long with a deck at 4 to 4.4m high up in around 2.5 hours!

collect your frame scaffold in a trailer pack

aluminium mobile scaffold towers can be package up in trailer packs too

Frame heights of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 & 2 metres in both 5 board & 3 board system

Manufactured to Australian Standards AS1576.1, 2 & 3 and AS1577

Worksafe design registered to deck heights of up to 30m

Boards hook over frames & into each other – end to end (no overlap or trip potential)

Full Mesh Guard fall protection (no risk of losing material over kickboard)

Full walk through access at ground level around job perimeter (even wheel barrow access)

Braced at every lift & every bay in both directions providing premium stability

Clamp on Hop Up brackets in 1 & 2 boards can be installed at any height

Extension Legs in 0.3 & 0.6 lengths for frame height adjustment & for sloping or offset sides

Castor adaptable – set up your own Mobile Tower

Saves atleast 50% assembly time

Pre-galvanised – all material hot dipped prior to manufacture

When you buy Aluminium Mobile Scaffold, Frame Scaffold or Quick Scaff from us – you know you can get them delivered to you anywhere in Australia OR take it right home in the super scaffold trailer packs.

take your galvinised scaffolding home in a super slick trailer pack

a scaffold trailer packs example