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Scaffolding Sales Australia wide is what we do. Molecular Scaffold Sales provide you with high quality scaffolding solutions. We have been one of Australia’s leading scaffold suppliers for over 10 years and bring you packaged scaffolding or custom solutions for all of your building needs. Our scaffold is the absolute highest quality available in Australia and our products are used by many major scaffold hire companies across Australia, so you can trust our products and exceptional service.
When you’re ready to buy scaffold think Molecular Scaffold Sales for all your scaffolding supply needs.

specialising in scaffold sales across Australia, check out our aluminium mobile scaffold

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Molecular Scaffold Sales specialises in quality scaffolding sales Austrlaia Wide. Ask about our scaffold trailer packs

Quick Scaff also known as Quick Stage Scaffolding is part of our scaffold product range

Leaders in Quality Scaffolding Sales – Here’s Why


Our Scaffolding systems are the highest quality available in Australia and have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards. Scaffolding sales has been our business for many years, which means we can confidently provide the right advice and solution/s to meet all your scaffolding needs.


We specialise is Scaffolding Sales Australia Wide, so when you buy scaffold from us we not only deliver the best product around. we can also have it delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Contact us today to talk about your specific scaffolding and shipping needs.


When you buy scaffold from Molecular Scaffold Sales, our support doesn’t stop there. We are committed to providing you with an amazing 5 Star after sales service experience. We provide advice on how to best care for your scaffold product to ensure it lasts. We can also provide guidance, suggestions and solutions to ensure you are working safely at heights.


We pride ourselves in delivering affordable scaffolding solutions without compromising on quality. Our products are in-line with some of the lowest priced scaffolding products on the market, BUT our scaffolding supplies far exceed others in terms of quality and therefore safety. Put simply, we supply strong, well-built scaffolding products to help keep Australians safe.


With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our scaffolding sales in Brisbane have positioned us as a market leader in our field. When you shop with Molecular Scaffold Sales you’ll be assisted by our team of friendly experts who can offer guidance, give you unbiased advice, and help you to select the best scaffolding solution for your building needs. Should our scaffold packages not quite fit your brief, we’re happy to customise a scaffolding solution that does. Whether you’re a tradesman, builder, or owner of a hire company, you can benefit from top quality steel and aluminium scaffolding at an affordable price.


A Little Bit About Us

You may recall that once upon a time, Quickscaff scaffolding was practically the only option in Australia and although it had certain benefits, it was heavy and time-consuming to assemble. We still wonder how it ever gots its name ‘Quick’!


Hire companies at that time were charging a lot of money for their services, which weren’t always that good, which is why our founder, Carsten Manntz decided to develop and manufacture a totally new type of scaffolding for the Australian market – Galvanised Steel Frame Scaffolding. This innovative product had several key benefits that Quickstaff was lacking and even better, it could be assembled in half the time.


While you’ll find plenty of copies of our scaffolding systems out there, our volume of scaffolding sales in Brisbane indicates that few come close to the quality of ours.


Why buy and not hire?

Buying your own scaffolding soon pays for itself in terms of time and money since you no longer have to fork out for ongoing hire costs; plus assembly time is quick and easy too. Since we manufacture our own products we know them inside out and can answer your questions accurately. In addition to our variety of packaged scaffolding options, we’re also able to custom a scaffolding system to meet your exacting needs. Furthermore, our scaffolding sales in Brisbane don’t just end there. We also pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional after-sales service should you need advice or help with scaffolding any time later.


Why is our scaffolding the best?

Our scaffolding systems are designed with quality and safety at the forefront. Some of the key benefits that stand it out from others on the market include:


  • Strong and durable with a 625kg rating for frame scaffolding and a 425kg rating for mobile scaffolding
  • All of our scaffolding products are registered with Worksafe
  • All our products have been rigorously tested and meet Australian standards
  • Colour coded pieces make for quick and easy assembly
  • No pop rivets anywhere. Where appropriate parts are securely welded or bolted on


Scaffolding Solutions For Big and Small Projects

We attribute our successful scaffolding sales in Brisbane to the fact that we cater to anyone looking for a safer way to work at height. Whether you’re a roofie, gutter fixer, brickie, or a homeowner looking to do a spot of DIY, we can provide scaffolding solutions to satisfy all building, renovation, and restorative needs.


Our top quality scaffolding systems include:


  • Galvanised steel frame scaffolding – a complete scaffolding system for builders, tradesmen, and hire companies. With a wide range of heights and lengths, it can be easily adapted to assist with fascia, gutter, roofing and perimeter applications. Able to handle heavy workloads it’s a reliable workhorse.
  • Aluminium mobile towers – Lightweight, strong, and easy to move around our mobiles are perfect for those smaller projects and well suited to DIY aficionados. Available in a choice of 4 packages or why not let us custom a mobile tower for you?
  • Trailer scaffolding packs – This unique product stores and transports your scaffolding to site with ease. Simply hitch it to your trailer, start your engine, and hit the road. Assembly takes around 3 hours and requires a minimum of 2 men.
  • Quickscaff scaffolding – Old style scaffolding done our way – complements existing Quickscaff systems.


All of these products come in a variety of sizes and are always in stock and ready to order right away. With our efficient service and prompt delivery to your door, we won’t keep you waiting for weeks before you can get started.


Why not put our scaffolding sales in Brisbane to the test? We promise you won’t be disappointed. Give Molecular Scaffold Sales a call today on 1300 072 233 to find out more about our quality scaffolding systems or to place an order.