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Scaffolding Sales Australia wide is what we do. Molecular Scaffold Sales provide you with high quality scaffolding solutions. We have been one of Australia’s leading scaffold suppliers for over 10 years and bring you packaged scaffolding or custom solutions for all of your building needs. Our scaffold is the absolute highest quality available in Australia and our products are used by many major scaffold hire companies across Australia, so you can trust our products and exceptional service.
When you’re ready to buy scaffold think Molecular Scaffold Sales for all your scaffolding supply needs.

specialising in scaffold sales across Australia, check out our aluminium mobile scaffold

scaffolding sales pecialists, take a look at our Frame Scaffold

Molecular Scaffold Sales specialises in quality scaffolding sales Austrlaia Wide. Ask about our scaffold trailer packs

Quick Scaff also known as Quick Stage Scaffolding is part of our scaffold product range

Leaders in Quality Scaffolding Sales – Here’s Why


Our Scaffolding systems are the highest quality available in Australia and have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards. Scaffolding sales has been our business for many years, which means we can confidently provide the right advice and solution/s to meet all your scaffolding needs.


We specialise is Scaffolding Sales Australia Wide, so when you buy scaffold from us we not only deliver the best product around. we can also have it delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Contact us today to talk about your specific scaffolding and shipping needs.


When you buy scaffold from Molecular Scaffold Sales, our support doesn’t stop there. We are committed to providing you with an amazing 5 Star after sales service experience. We provide advice on how to best care for your scaffold product to ensure it lasts. We can also provide guidance, suggestions and solutions to ensure you are working safely at heights.


We pride ourselves in delivering affordable scaffolding solutions without compromising on quality. Our products are in-line with some of the lowest priced scaffolding products on the market, BUT our scaffolding supplies far exceed others in terms of quality and therefore safety. Put simply, we supply strong, well-built scaffolding products to help keep Australians safe.


If you’re searching for scaffolding for sale in Melbourne then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Molecular Scaffold Sales, we’ve got scaffolding in our blood. It’s what we know well and it’s what we do best. Thanks to our unique Molecular Frame System we’ve earned our reputation as a leading supplier of scaffolding in Australia.


Keeping Australians Safe

Providing a safe place to work and safe access to materials needed is paramount to workplace efficiency whatever industry you’re in. Whether you need to access high machinery for maintenance or building structures for renovation we provide top quality scaffolding solutions in Melbourne and across Australia. Based on a foundation of safety and experience, we deliver packaged scaffolding and custom solutions to meet all of your building needs.


Our scaffolding is the best

If you’re tired of the high costs and inefficiencies associated when hiring scaffolding from third parties in Melbourne then we can provide you with a far better option –   top quality galvanised steel frame scaffolding for sale.


What’s so special about our scaffolding?


  • Best quality product available in Australia
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Competitive pricing
  • Meets all Worksafe requirements
  • Conforms to all relevant Australian standards


Developed and designed by Molecular Scaffold experts our products simply can’t be matched for quality. In fact, many of the major hire companies use them across Australia, serving as a testament to both our products and our exceptional service.


How can we help you?

We’ve been supplying scaffolding for sale in Melbourne for over 10 years and are proud to have a friendly, knowledgeable team who can offer expert advice and scaffolding solutions to meet all of your scaffolding needs.


Our top quality scaffolding products include:


  • Aluminium mobile scaffolding – With a 450kg rating and a 3-year warranty, our mobile aluminium scaffold towers come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your specific needs. From mini to narrow and wide to double scaffold systems, we’ve got you covered and with all products in stock, we won’t keep you hanging around either. In the event your scaffolding needs fall outside of our packages, then we can custom a tower for you. With all items colour coded, our mobile scaffolding is quick and easy to erect.


  • Frame Scaffolding – Supplied in a range of heights and lengths our frame scaffolding provides a complete scaffolding solution suited to builders, scaffolders, tradesmen, and hire companies. Its 625kg board rating accommodates the heaviest workloads with ease and the system can be adapted to handle all perimeter, roofing, fascia and guttering needs.


  • Trailer Packs – Our trailer packs provide an easy way of storing and transporting your scaffolding to the site. Easily hooked up to your vehicle, our trailer pack contains sufficient scaffolding to service a length of up to 25.2 metres and with a deck of 4.5 metres high. Perfect for chippies, roofers, brickies, and gutter fixers, 2 men can have the scaffolding assembled in no more than 3 hours. Fully galvanised, our trailer packs will last a lifetime.


  • Quick Scaff Scaffolding – Quickscaff is one of the oldest methods of scaffolding which is why we stock and supply a top quality Quick Scaff system for owners looking to complement their system. It’s available to buy with a hot-dipped galvanised or painted finish and with an optional aluminium stair system.


4 Top Reasons To Choose Molecular Scaffold Sales


  1. Highest quality scaffolding products – all our products have passed rigorous testing


  1. Delivery Australia wide – Contact us to talk about your particular scaffolding and shipping needs


  1. Affordable scaffolding solutions – While our pricing matches that of some of the lowest priced scaffolding in Australia, our products far exceed them in terms of quality and safety.


  1. Our service doesn’t stop at the point of sale We’re committed to providing an exceptional after sales service experience. We’ll talk to you about the best way to care for your scaffolding to ensure its longevity. We can also provide suggestions, guidance, and scaffolding solutions for optimum safety when working at heights.


If you’re looking for scaffolding for sale in Melbourne then speak to the team at Molecular Scaffold Sales. Don’t settle for second rate, call the experts today on 1300 072 233.