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Scaffolding Sales Australia wide is what we do. Molecular Scaffold Sales provide you with high quality scaffolding solutions. We have been one of Australia’s leading scaffold suppliers for over 10 years and bring you packaged scaffolding or custom solutions for all of your building needs. Our scaffold is the absolute highest quality available in Australia and our products are used by many major scaffold hire companies across Australia, so you can trust our products and exceptional service.
When you’re ready to buy scaffold think Molecular Scaffold Sales for all your scaffolding supply needs.

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Leaders in Quality Scaffolding Sales – Here’s Why


Our Scaffolding systems are the highest quality available in Australia and have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards. Scaffolding sales has been our business for many years, which means we can confidently provide the right advice and solution/s to meet all your scaffolding needs.


We specialise is Scaffolding Sales Australia Wide, so when you buy scaffold from us we not only deliver the best product around. we can also have it delivered to you anywhere in Australia. Contact us today to talk about your specific scaffolding and shipping needs.


When you buy scaffold from Molecular Scaffold Sales, our support doesn’t stop there. We are committed to providing you with an amazing 5 Star after sales service experience. We provide advice on how to best care for your scaffold product to ensure it lasts. We can also provide guidance, suggestions and solutions to ensure you are working safely at heights.


We pride ourselves in delivering affordable scaffolding solutions without compromising on quality. Our products are in-line with some of the lowest priced scaffolding products on the market, BUT our scaffolding supplies far exceed others in terms of quality and therefore safety. Put simply, we supply strong, well-built scaffolding products to help keep Australians safe.


If you’re looking for mobile scaffolding in Sydney then Molecular Scaffold Sales is the right place to come. Our sturdy aluminium mobile towers are perfectly suited to tradies and homeowners looking to carry out smaller projects, DIY, and renovations around the home.


What is mobile scaffolding?

Mobile scaffolding systems are temporary support platforms on castors or wheels which can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re commonly used for jobs like painting and plastering where a person needs to move position frequently. Besides being safer than a set of ladders they’re also cost-effective, portable, and convenient.


Mobile Scaffold Towers You Can Trust

It’s true that you can buy mobile scaffolding in Sydney from any number of scaffolding suppliers, but more often than not they’ve imported cheap systems which have been designed for the overseas market and which seldom meet Australia’s stringent standards. There’s no need to risk your safety when you can purchase top quality mobile scaffold towers from us at a similar price to cheaper versions.


What’s more, all of our mobile scaffold towers are Worksafe registered, 450kg rated and supplied with a 3-year warranty. With 4 packages to choose from and custom options, we’re sure to have a mobile scaffolding solution to meet your exact building needs.


Designed by us for you

In the past, there were few options to buy quality mobile scaffolding in Sydney and Australia as a whole, which is why Molecular Scaffold Sales set about designing their own mobile scaffolding system and establishing a manufacturing facility to ensure the ultimate in quality. Key benefits of our mobile scaffolding include:


  • A variety of widths with a reach of up to 8.7 metres
  • Universal platforms – worker access and/or solid non-access
  • Fully welded with no pop rivets
  • Rugged RHS sub-frame to give full support to platforms
  • Bolted on solidly welded platform hooks (not pop riveted)
  • Full size (8”) castors, 400ml height adjustable, and full lock brake lever
  • Sturdy adjustable ladder brace which allows for variable ladder angles. Fully load bearing in its elevated position.
  • Colour coded pieces for easier assembly
  • Extensively tested to comply with Australian standards


Even better all of our mobile scaffolding towers are kept in stock so that orders are fulfilled promptly.


The benefits of mobile scaffolding in Sydney

  1. Portable – Our aluminium mobiles are on castors which enables you to easily push or pull them to the next section that you need to be working on. In addition, if you need to free up some space when you’re done working for the day, they’re quick and easy to dismantle.


  1. Safe – Working on ladders and stretching to reach heights is dangerous. Our mobile scaffold towers place you safely where you need to be and are edged with rails at the top of the structure to prevent you from falling off. The platforms can be raised and lowered with the minimum of effort, making our mobiles a great choice for tradies and DIYers alike.


  1. Productive – Our mobiles are manufactured from aluminium which is lightweight yet strong. This means that they’re easier to move around and reduces any risk of accidents or injuries. Because they’re so easy to use, workers find they’re able to complete their task much faster, making our mobile scaffolding towers a cost-effective solution.


  1. Spacious – Another advantage of using mobile scaffolding as opposed to ladders or traditional scaffolding is that they offer workers plenty of room to move around. You’re not confined to a small space and materials can be stored on a platform so that they’re close to hand.


Why Purchase From Molecular Scaffold Sales?

With over 10 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge between us, we’re able to offer you expert advice and guidance and help you choose the best mobile scaffolding solution for you. Not just that, we also offer an outstanding after-sales service which includes free advice about how to care for your scaffolding so that it lasts longer, how to work safely at height, and any other information or help you may need from us.


You’ll also be pleased to know that we deliver directly to your door, not just in Sydney, but anywhere in Australia, including all of the big cities.


When you need to buy mobile scaffolding in Sydney you need a company you can trust to deliver on all fronts, and that’s Molecular Scaffold Sales. Give us a call today on 1300 072 233 to find out